Artist Resolutions

Want to know the New Year’s resolutions of a few ForeFront artists? These just in…
1. ” Be nicer to my road manager and eat less chocolate.” – Mark Stuart, Audio Adrenaline
2. ” I would like to work on losing at least 10 pounds. Also, my wife and I are trying to read the bible together before we go to bed.” – Ben Cissell, Audio Adrenaline
3. ” I wouldn’t really call them New Year resolutions, but I think the New Year is a good time to refocus and get back to what is important. Remembering the birth of Christ is always a special time for me to put my trust in what the Lord has for me. Aside from spiritual things, I want to work out more and eat less sugar.” – Will McGinniss, Audio Adrenaline
4. “Make every moment count and make as few regrets as possible.” – Michael Tait, TAIT
5. “Show the people in my life how much I appreciate and care for them and all they do. I also want to eat more fruit and drink less Starbucks.” – Lonnie Chapin, TAIT
6. “I really want to read more, at least 2 books a month”. – Justin York, TAIT
7. “I want to spend more time rehearsing, read more books, write a teen devotional, write songs for my next record and do my chores each week without being told.” – Lil iROCC Williams


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