Armenia Celebrates 1700th Anniversary as Oldest Church

In 2001 Armenia will celebrate its 1700th anniversary as the oldest
Christian Church in the world. There is an historic opportunity before
us to celebrate in a genuine spiritual revival of the Armenian Church.
Pilgrimages are among the most popular aspects of the events and
activities planned on the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of the
declaration of Christianity as state religion in Armenia.
Armenian Culture has earned its place in the history of the world by
virtue of the fact that it is one of the oldest, continuous
civilizations today. Throughout the centuries, Armenians have created a
unique and remarkable culture at the intersection of east and west. Even
though countless invaders attempted to destroy much of it, archaeological
research testifies to its existence alongside that of the Babylonians
and the Assyrians from at least the III Millennium BC, proven by
excavations at Erebuni, Teyshebaini and Medzamor.
On 31st December 2001, the 1700th Anniversary of Christianity in Armenia
will be launched in a year long programe of events, exhibitions and
concerts worldwide, including significant cultural events in the
Republic of Armenia where local artists and musicians will take their
places alongside international performers such as Pierre Boulez, Peter
Gabriel, Jan Garbarek and Ricardo Mutti and the Philharmonic Orchestra
of the La Scala.
NEWS: Holy Etchmiadzin, Zvartnots, Geghard, and Sanahin join Haghpat in
the list of UNESCO world Heritage sites.
The Armenian Government announces intention to offer stays with selected
Armenian families and makes available apartments for rent to tourists.
Anahit: Visit Armenia


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