Are Babies Becoming Disposable in America?


When the story first surfaced about the Louisiana mother who threw her live, new-born baby into Lake Pontchartrain, it was shocking news.(1) How could a mother do such a thing to her baby?
But infant life is becoming disposable here in America.
Take two recent cases where babies were allegedly murdered at abortion clinics after being born live. In one fairly recent case, a California nurse practitioner is reported to have deliberately stabbed and killed a 35-week-old baby born alive during an abortion at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas.(2)
In another case during the same time period, a teenager named Sycloria Williams, who was 23 weeks pregnant, went to the office of Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique, a Florida physician, for an abortion. While the girl was waiting for Dr. Renelique to arrive, she began to feel ill and was told to take a couple of pills to induce labor and sit in a room. The teen gave birth to a baby while waiting for the doctor to arrive. The live baby was stuffed with the afterbirth into a red biohazard bag and thrown into a garbage can.(3)
A murder investigation has been opened involving the California nurse practitioner , and charges are pending against Renelique, and Belkis Gonzalez, co-owner of the Florida clinic where Renelique practiced, but infant life is becoming increasingly disposable here in America.
Each time we slice up a baby in the womb and suck it out like garbage and call it “tissue,” we devalue infant life. Every time we turn a blind eye to procedure’s where a live, wriggling baby is delivered all the way to the base of its little head… and then a sharp implement is driven into the base of its skull so its brains can be sucked out, we are most assuredly making infant life of no value.
Babies have become disposable here in America.
Really — REALLY — is it any wonder some young women growing up in America today have little compunction about leaving their live newborns in toilets, throwing them in dumpsters, or tossing them into Lake Pontchartrain? Our society is teaching these young women their own wants and convenience are much more important than the life they carry inside them. Is it any wonder some young mothers decide that their newborn babies are disposable? A few weeks before and their child’s death in a clinic would have been perfectly legal. A few weeks before and the baby WOULD have been disposed of – diced, suction, or burned with salt or other chemicals, removed and thrown away with the rest of the trash.
The sad stories of women who kill their new-born babies are the natural progression of a society that teaches them such things are their choice. If it is perfectly legal to kill a baby in utero, or 3/4 of the way out of the uterus, what difference could the process of sliding down the birth canal possibly make?
Note: The actual number of abortions dropped to a new low in 2005, the last firm stats I could find, with 1.2 million abortions in 2005, compared to a high of 1.6 million abortions in 1990. It is hoped education and prayer are making an impact on the epidemic of abortion, that this trend will continue, and that the next generation will take a dimmer view of disposable babies.(4)
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Are Babies Becoming Disposable?
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