Angels Wake Interview

Angels Wake is an independent Christian melodic rock band from Pennsylvania. The band’s members are:
Parker Palmer-Drums Percussion
Rob Reese-Electric Guitar
AJ LeBresco-Bass Guitar
Daniel Quinn-Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Songwriter
The band was formed in 2003 and recently released a 6 track EP entitled,
“…Light Enough To Travel.” The band will also be recording a new five track EP with famed producer Barry
Blair (Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, Audio Adrenaline and many others) beginning in May.
CW : Can you tell me about the band’s name, how you chose it, any special meaning it
has to the band?
Dan: Well, one of the reasons we like the name is that it can have multiple meanings. We
found a line from an old hymnal that goes: “Let angels wake the chorus”. We had already
chosen the name by that point, but we thought that line was pretty cool. The original intent
was inspired by Exodus 23:20 – as in following in an angel’s wake. I think it’s a reminder to
us that God is always one step ahead of us, preparing the way for us. No matter how bad
things might look at the moment, we are in His care.
CW : What are the main influences behind the band’s musical style?
Parker: For me, R&B, Soul, Gospel, and Reggae
AJ: Blues, Metal, Rock, B.B. King, Clapton
Dan: I’d say we’re pretty much all over the musical spectrum, as individuals – my personal influences
have been U2 and Lifehouse as well as people like Buddy Holly and Billy Joel.

Rob: I listen to almost every style you can think of. I like a lot of rock and metal.

CW : Can you tell me about one special thing that has happened at one of your live shows that
really sticks out in your mind?
Rob: The show at the high school where I ended up giving a guitar away, and how much it meant
to the person that got it. Turns out, they’re taking guitar lessons.
Parker: Yeah…it was a blessing for the girl that got it because she now has a guitar to play. I also
forgot my drum throne once and had to use a piano bench.
Dan: I’d say the high school show, for sure. It was a very powerful show for us.
CW : What is the most important message that your band wants to get out through its music?
Dan: I think the most important message is the Hope of Christ. Things can get pretty dark, but He
is there even in that darkness.
Parker: The Grace that God gives us through Jesus and what Christ has done for us.
AJ: Always have faith. Without faith, you don’t have anything.
CW : Is there anything I missed that you would like to tell our readers?
Parker: Jesus is the Truth, the Life and the Way. Turn from your sinful ways and follow Him.
Strive to become more like Jesus, because only through Him is there Love, Grace, and Mercy.
We are all sinners and all of us need God’s Grace. Repent and be saved.

Dan: I’d just like to thank everyone that’s been so supportive of us. Without you guys, it wouldn’t
be possible to do what we do. I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve in this way.

AJ: We’re always here for our fans…if anyone has a prayer request, just drop us a line. We love
hearing from you guys.
Rob: I love 80’s Metal!!
The band’s website is:
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