Andy’s Joke

Saw your review. I wouldn’t call them “humorous stories.” I’d call them off-color jokes. Not material our pastor could use in church or anywhere else.
I must say I was disappointed that of all the jokes he could have told, he picked those two.
Best Regards,
Ed O’Dwyer

Hello, Ed,
At first I was confused; I didn’t hear an off-color joke but I was up taking photographs so I missed a line or two from the first story. What I did hear was a joke about lumber to build a house – nothing off-color there! Andy also related the joke about the elderly MARRIED couple who had been told they were “getting together” too much for the wife’s health. He repeated the joke complete with punch lines: Wife – “I was just going upstairs to die.” Husband – “Good, because I was just coming downstairs to kill you.” I can see where someone might think that was pushing a G-rating a tiny bit, but I think the story that offended you was the one about the fellow who visits the barber’s wife while the barber is busy. While we have no idea what took place during the visit, I suppose we can draw the inference it was at least a flirtation.
I would agree, the last one is probably not church material. However, when at the Opry where the songs are often about drinking, cheating, fighting, and cussing, I think Andy’s jokes fit the venue. While I might have personally passed on the barber story, I still think his jokes were funny and would rate the barber one a “PG 13.” I guess we can agree to disagree!


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