An Invitation to Praise



After my husband died at the age of thirty-three, I grieved and shed
many, many tears over this great loss in my life. I wasn’t prepared in
any way to face the days ahead. But who is really.
I felt deep loneliness, along with the pressures of now just being left alone. At
times I felt overwhelmed at now making all the decisions. Yet at the
same time I found bright rays of sunlight shining into my heart. And
even more, the Lord began to heal me through times of worship and
praise, often with tears of joy mingled with sadness.
But I believe
that if you’re just beginning to learn to praise and worship, you’re on
the threshold of a great adventure. You’ll find that our amazing God
is unmatchable beyond imagining. You’ll discover what a high privilege
it is to praise Him! Even in the midst of hard times when nothing
makes sense. It takes our eyes off ourselves and our circumstances and
puts our life completely in the hands of Jesus. And whether you’re a
beginner or someone who has long understood the benefits of praise,
you’ll find that the more you glorify the Lord, the more He will
refresh you and deepen your experience of Him. There is no loss in
surrendering all.
PRAYER: Lord, I’m Yours. Whatever the cost may be, may Your will be
done in my life. I realize I’m not here on earth to do my own thing,
or to seek my own fulfillment or my own glory. I’m not here to impress
people or to be popular. I’m here to honor You with my life and may I
be a joy to You! Teach me how to praise and worship You today, even if
I don’t feel much like it.
SCRIPTURE: Psalm Chapter 95
QUESTION: What keeps YOU from Praising God?
QUESTION: What helps bring you closer to God?
I think it always helps us to get passed some of our hang ups if we
face them head on and talk openly about them, knowing that you will not
be judged for feeling the way you do. Why do we OR don’t we do
things for God? Talk about it today with a close friend that you
trust. It might open up your heart a bit to find that deeper
experience of Him.
Tammy Trent Catches Her Breath
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