Aluminum Records Is Launched

The music industry is an ever-evolving wheel, and unless you keep up with
the revolution, you fall off and eat dust. That’s why Aluminum Records
determined to build its vision on inspired creative principles and a core
group of artists with unwavering talent.
Led by artist/producer Brian Hardin and distributed by Diamante-Servant,
Aluminum Records holds itself to no bounds except the grand charge to make
perfectionist art for a quality-starved market. In this spirit, the label’s
core artists already cover the complete gambit of popular music with edgy
takes on such formats as Rock, CHR, AC, and Inspirational. Despite their
stylistic differences, the Aluminum family of artists each knows how to
elevate their form while making that special connection with the listener.
David Meece, an internationally known Christian music veteran, has long been
regarded as a foundational artist in the rise of Christian music’s
popularity. His participation in Aluminum brings a creative integrity and
commercial viability that only the most talented can command. Likewise,
there’s Vicki Yohe, already seen worldwide by hundreds of millions of people
as a regular performer on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Since
self-releasing her self-titled debut in 1991, Yohe has sold hundreds of
thousands of albums with an on-going tour schedule breaking 200 shows per
year. Yohe, who had her choice of labels, chose to entrust her talents with
Aluminum Records will also introduce the first solo effort by Nouveaux
vocalist Paul Alan, whose group projects sold over 100,000 copies and scored
seven top ten singles on the CRR/CHR charts. Alan’s high-energy, high-hook
sound has the potential to own the CHR scene and make a splash in several
crossover markets. Likewise, Tampa’s Inside the Outside will be making their
label debut with Aluminum. Before being signed, the group garnered so much
buzz that they opened for everything from professional sporting events to
major Christian concerts like Jars of Clay and Steven Curtis Chapman. Their
label debut on Aluminum will take the buzz to a national level.
Aluminum Records considers themselves “the crest of the wave, not the whitewash.” Their quest is
to take paths that require leadership and invention, not tracking and

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