All That’s Left Is Memories



Time goes by the stars are gone they part each passing day
But the memories they have given us will never go away
Aunt Bea has raised little Opie to become a fine young man
Barney the bumbling Deputy can’t mess up another plan
And Otis Campbell the old town drunk has taken his last nip
Floyd the Barber with the one-chaired shop gave the townsfolk their last clip
Miss Crump will never teach again poor Andy has lost his mate
We’ve seen the last of Ernest T. Bass no more windows can he break
Howard Sprague the County Clerk no longer needs his rubber stamp
And Emmett Clark the fix-it man won’t fix another lamp
We will never again hear Briscoe scrub one off with the Darlin’ Boys
Or weep as the grump Ben Weaver delivers his Christmas toys
Old Jud yellin’ at the top of his lungs is silence forever more
Asa will never awake again and have his gun drop to the floor
Clara Edwards with blue ribbons in hand has made pickles for her last time
Emma Brand has taken her last pill that worked miracles for a dime
The fire’s burned out under the Hollister still; it’s dripped out it’s last load
Rafe’s glorious voice doesn’t sing no more “Look Down That Lonesome Road”
These precious things once part of life put a smile upon our face
For they took us back to a simpler time, in a simple place
Although our friends are gone their memories live on, we thank them for their part
And for giving us The Andy Griffith Show and bringing Mayberry into our heart
Featured in the next edition of The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry
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