AHHHHHHH life!!!! What gets you out of bed in the morning? Has chaotic bliss, beat down your door and entered your house?? I think I was too
busy, “knowing everything” when I was informed that being a grown up just might have a few obstacles…….I obviously wasn’t paying close attention!!
Even in the pursuit or victory of our dreams, there still exists… responsibility! Responsibility leads to discipline which in turn hands you off to
structure and that is how you wind up at…”chaos”….controlled of course…..but non the less chaos! I know, it caught me off guard too!! But here we
are….in the middle of our dreams….things going well and BOOM….the flip side to those wonderful answered prayers can be…. hectic, stressful and
demanding. That consistent pace has been upgraded to a rapid blur….how and when did this happen! You are all of the sudden the Rumplestilskin of your
warp speed life, coming to, just a few seconds before impact. We end up on our knees saying, ” uhhh God…….I don’t remember praying for this?”
If you find yourself in this precarious position…….stop for a second and reevaluate things! First off, ask yourself, what is my main focus and is the
source what drives me, “Christ”? Am I following, or did I take the control somewhere along the way? At times we get so caught up in serving and
chasing God that we run ahead of our Leader. Like a child in a toy store that dashes off to show you one toy and a few minutes later realizes that he lost
sight of you about six toys back…….panic sets in as he desperately searches to find you. Many of you know what I am talking about, those who have
passionately sought after goals, rely on that tenacity to keep things going. Now you consider it a deficit when you have lost sight of your Leader! You
become instantly aware…that when you are following Christ, this quality is most definitely an asset! But perspective is key here….and “tenacity”looks
more ! like, pigheadedness, stubbornness and pride..when staring at it in the rear view mirror!!
Second, has your goal… since it’s conception, picked up any extra bulk that is non productive? Like rolling extra home improvements projects into a
refinance…..it is easier to take, wrapped up with bigger stuff. As if you were putting stinky shoes next to the diaper pale…….whose going to notice them
now??! Eventually you will need to deal with the stinky shoes! Now, dealing with this excess fat that your dream has acquired……will consist of a Holy
diet. Trim the fat, anything that is weighing you down and not helping your cause……cut it out of your schedule, take it off of your list…..make the
phone call and say, “No” to that thing you have absolutely no time for…..and the project that could just push you over the edge!! If someone is using
guilt to get you to do something, cutting them out! It should be like tossing a stale, moldy donut out…an easy way to cut calories! Now, it is ! just the
fresh baked ones that give you the problems! You need to do a priority check, are you locked into God’s will and not on the major blessings and doors God
threw open for you; people, projects, opportunities, etc….?? It is so easy to get off track but difficult to get back on! Refocus and put Christ first, He
never intended for us to be in a state of chaos, because we loose our effectiveness!! Life is like a river, you need to allow God to direct the flow because it
can overflow its boundaries and become misdirected. By pushing or neglecting God’s limits, you can easily go over the edges if you don’t watch God.
Dedicate yourself to be lead and directed by Him……not focusing on the upcoming twist, turns and raging rapids!!
If I have described any part of your life, pray…pray and then pray some more! God wants to bless us and give us the very best we can have…..but if we
are too busy to enjoy it, our blessings and favor get covered up and ignored…maybe even missed altogether!
Remember, even the Son of God……the very Creator and Redeemer drew away to a quite place to pray on many occasions! He did not pull away to escape
His life or add more chaos to it….but to communicate and keep in touch with His Father!! Intimately understanding and hearing what God has for you can
be so rewarding, not to mention a rush of a lifetime!! If you have neglected in putting Him first……..start today and communicate with Him! Before you
know it you will be anticipating your next meeting!
I have heard this saying and have no idea whose said it, but is very true…………If Satan cannot make you bad then he’ll keep you busy…….distracted
from what really matters!!!
As the summer is upon us dedicate it to Christ and watch what happens!! May God richly bless you and may your passion and joy for Him be new and
more intense with each new day!! God wants to bless us, lets just make it easier by cleaning up the old and making room for the future!! May God burden
the hearts of all those reading this that need to start courting their Lord again……and may you find strength in Him, to stay consistent and grow in your
passion for Him!! And may God richly Bless you as you do!!Back to Devotionals Page

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