ABC’s ‘Nashville’ — Juliette’s hymn ‘For Your Glory’ lyrics & background

Actress Hayden Panettiere is best known as the cheerleader on “Heroes.” Now she is garnering more accolades playing a rising young country singer on ABC TV’s hit show, “Nashville.” In a twist of life imitating art, she has become one in real life, too, thanks to the show.
In episode 8 of “Nashville” on ABC, Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) is invited to church by her “choir boy” boyfriend Sean Butler (Tilky Jones). When she arrives at the church, she is persuaded by Sean’s little sister Dana to sing a song with the church choir.
The song Juliette picks to sing with Sean’s sister and the choir is “For Your Glory” written by Kate York, Leeland Mooring, and Jack Mooring and performed on the TV show by Hayden Panettiere.
“For Your Glory” Lyrics
The sword has long been buried,
Piled on with dirt,
Speak to me your promises
I can’t win this battle on my own
No, I can’t win this battle on my own
I’ll rise up and be your voice
I made my choice.
This is my story.
Your songs are stored inside my heart,
So break me apart,
It’s for your glory,
I’ll rise up and be your voice,
I made my choice,
This is my story,
Your songs are stored inside my heart,
So break me apart,
It’s for your glory,
Let it pour out of me,
Let it pour out of me,
It’s for your glory,
It’s for your glory.

It is not surprising to have a church song on the show as Nashville’s country music industry has strong ties to the gospel music industry, and Nashville’s Executive Music Producer is Christian music and mainstream artist and producer T-Bone Burnett.
This particular song was written by Kate York, along with Leeland Mooring and Jack Mooring from Christian group Leeland. According to Kate York, the song is “kind of a prayer” and is about rising up out of the dirt of real life and rising above that.
Christian artists Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and DecembeRadio have also both recorded different songs called “For Your Glory,” not to be confused with the song on episode 8 of “Nashville.”
Source: Nashville on the Record “For Your Glory”
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