A Mayberry Christmas




Christmas: Mayberry Style
The temperature was dropping,
there were snowflakes in the air,
the town choir was practicing,
there was joy everywhere.
Aunt Bee had been to Foleys,
Andy had gone to get the tree,
Barney was practicing his ” ho, ho. ho’s,”
as young Opie looked on with glee.
Floyd had his shop all decorated,
as did Howard at his house,
Goober was closin’ for the day,
& tryin’ to catch a pesky mouse.
On the other side of town,
lived Frank Myers, an old man,
had no family livin’ with him,
just a rooster named Old Sam.
As every year passed by,
Frank would sit there all alone,
hoping someone would pass by,
& stop & share a quick ” hello.”
Little did Frank Myers know,
that this year would not be the same,
for his wonderful hometown friends,
this holiday were about to change.
It was getting dark & snowy,
when a knock came on Frank’s door,
as he rose to find the reason,
Santa Barney let out a roar.
” MERRY CHRISTMAS “was the greeting,
as Frank opened up that door,
and in came Andy, Opie & Aunt Bee,
and a host of friends galore.
They all came by to give to Frank,
a special Christmas gift,
Of course I’m talking about their love & friendship,
that gave his old heart a lift.
As the snow continued to fall,
joy & laughter did abound,
for Christmas: Mayberry Style,
was present all around.
Christmastime is not just getting,
but giving to those you love,
for you see the greatest gift of all,
came from our Father above.
He gave the best he had,
He gave His only son,
so that you & I can rejoice,
for you see the victories won.
From all the folks in Mayberry,
have a blessed Christmas day,
may your days be filled with joy,
as you travel on lifes way.
Written by Dave Millard, New Philadelphia, Ohio.
The Spirit of Mayberry
(a.k.a. The Mayberry Christmas Tree)
I saw the Christmas tree
In May-berry
Under the starry sky
Floyd, Goober, and even Sarah came
The Mayberry band played masterpieces
Without even seeming to try�
Aunt Bee
Trimmed the tree
Being careful with every strand
Gomer, standing by
With a gooseberry pie
Began to sing – he’s in such demand!
You may say
“It’s past the holiday”
and so we’ll have to wait another year
But the spirit of Christmas
In some hearts lives on
In the Mayberries we each hold so dear.
Clyde Hughes, Jr.
Caroling Mayberry
Come to Mayberry on Christmas Eve,
Sing some carols before you leave.
Pull your overcoat close round your chin;
It’s cold outside, but you’re warm within.
Snuggle closely to someone you love
For on This Night was sent from Above
A wondrous Baby, full of grace:
Redemption is nigh the human race.
Contemplate while in Andy’s town
The glory that Christmas brings around.
Jane Hutto, Pennsacola, FL
Christmas In A Special Place
There’s a quiet snow a fallin’
& there’s singing all around,
for you see it’s Christmastime
in my TV Hometown.
The Taylor family are all home,
they’re decorating their Christmas tree
& Barney Fife is dressed as Santa,
to Opie’s heart it will bring glee.
The Darlins’ & Ernest T. are brewin’ moonshine,
they’re just tryin’ to stay warm,
while Floyd, Howard, Emmett & Goober
are swappin’ stories that have charm.
It’s Christmastime in Mayberry,
a favorite time of year,
it brings to many happiness,
and to my eye it brings a tear.
Cousin Gomer’s in the Marines,
but his heart is never far,
for in the TV universe,
Mayberry’s a shining star!

Dave Millard, New Philadelphia, Ohio

Twas the night before Christmas, in our favorite little town.
Everything was cheerful, except for the one, who wore a frown!
Yes, ol’ Ben had the Muggins family throwed in jail,
you ask “why Ben, why?”, cause he’s tough as a nail!
But Andy, Ellie, Aunt Bee, and Ope;
And don’t forget Barn, that silly Santa dope!
They knew just what to do, to keep everyone hearty;
They brought Christmas to the courthouse, and had a party!
Ol’ Ben did his best, so he’d get throwed in,
But Andg would forgive him, with a nice toothy grin.
Till all in a sudden, there arose such a clatter,
The Sheriff ran out to see, what was the matter!
The Sheriff listened to Ben’s sort of confession,
Then put him in jail, to teach him a lesson.
Ben insisted to go by his store for a case;
But what he brought back, put a smile on every face!
So like all the stories, from our little town Mayberry;
The ending, and all’s Christmas turned out to be Merry!
Terry Lee Siverling, Huntsville, AL
Soon Christmas is over and the new year begins,
thinking back on the past years, ol’ Andy just grins.
“The years have been good, just as good as can be,
even times i spent tracking down ol’ Ernest T.”
“Even days at Myer’s lake, when the fishin’ was bad,
was still one of the best times me and Op ever had.”
“All the days at the courthouse, when the phone hardly rang,
all the times i said Barney, you beat everythang.”
“There’s one thing for sure when ol’ Barn is around,
there’s never a dull day in this little town.”
“And when things got too slow, i’d sit with Floyd for awhile,
as he looked through his catalog, checking out the new styles.”
“And every once in awhile, when the Darlings dropped by,
we’d sit down and pick In the Sweet By and By.”
“All the nights me and Helen on her porch in the swing,
just me, her, and my guitar, and an old song to sing.”
“We’ve had good days and bad days, but the bad don’t last long,
’cause there’s nothin’ that can’t be made better just by singing a song.”
eddie d in NC
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