A Friend in Need

Dana Curry is my friend Nancy Cassel’s daughter, and she’s in trouble. You
see, she is on trial in Afghanistan right now, and she could be sentenced to
death by public hanging. Her crime? She’s been accused of sharing her
faith in Christ to Muslim’s (a possible death-penalty offense if convicted).
I’m praying hard that she and the others (several Germans and another
American girl who work for Shelter Now, a relief agency) will be simply
expelled fromthe country. But with all the saber rattling by the US and the
Taliban right now, who knows how the Taliban will view this case.
Dana’s parents had to leave Afghanistan when American Embassy officials
pulled out after the attack on New York and Washington. They are trying to
get news and help with the trial from Pakistan.

A Pakistani lawyer (educated at the same school that produced most of the
members of the Taliban) is representing the girls. He’s very young and has
had no major trial work before, but the Taliban wouldn’t allow an American
attorney to represent the accused.
Frankly, it looks like a stacked case in a kangaroo court. Shudder to think
how these folks could catch the brunt of a lot of hatred of America.
At this time, Dana needs to raise $7,000 to help with legal fees. There has
been a secure website set up at danacurry where those
interested can make a contribution. Or, a donation could be sent to:
Antioch Community Church
Afghan Crisis Fund
ATTN: Ruth
510 N. 20th Street
Waco, TX 76707
Please make the checks out to Antioch Community Church.
If I were stuck in jail, I’d sure appreciate some folks praying for me, so
I’m asking you to say one for Dana and the others — especially for the
Afghanistan civilians who were working for Shelter Now and who were also
arrested and accused. They most certainly face probably death, and they
were just doing general office work for Shelter Now, a relief agency whose
mission was to help rebuild the country after the war so devastated it.
So, visit the website (often, as it changes), pray, and give if you can.
God bless,
Martin Burks


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