A Dangerous Trend on our College Campuses

There is a dangerous trend underway on our college campuses, from the University of Missouri to my alma mater of Yale University. Free speech and open dialogue are being trampled.
We are getting to the point where people can say, “I don’t like what you’re doing. It’s offensive,” and therefore believe they have the right to be violent or shout people down.
Not only is this infantile, but it’s an affront to the First Amendment.
But let’s not kid ourselves — this is part of a larger problem in our society.
People are using political correctness as a tool to silence those with whom they disagree, and rather than having an open dialogue to solve our many problems, people get into their respective corners and demonize each other.
One of the main reasons I’m running for President is to push back against this type of behavior.
As I said in my closing statement at this week’s debate, we can move beyond our current division and despair not by “We the Democrats” or “We the Republicans,” but as “We the People” of America working together, and realizing that we are not each other’s enemies.
I’m happy to tell you that we’ve now launched “Students for Carson” chapters on thousands of college campuses across the country. I’m hopeful that in their own small way, they will do their part to “heal, inspire and revive” our great nation.
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