6th Annual Bible Reading Marathon

A voice boomed out strong and clear over the loud speaker: In the beginning God created the Heaven and
the earth. Yes, praise rang out!
The public is invited to an inspiring mini-concert which will kickoff the 6th Annual Bible Reading
Marathon being held at Cannonsburg Village, Murfreesboro, beginning Sunday, April 29 and concluding
Thursday, May 3, 2001, with the National Day of Prayer ceremonies, announced Rutherford County
Coordinator, Rev. Ken Sharp. He said not only is the public invited to attend the kickoff, but that
many volunteers are needed to participate in the 6th Annual Bible-Reading-Marathon — nonstop —
continuous reading of the entire Bible, beginning in Genesis and concluding in Revelation.
In answer to the horrendous school incidents across our country, Rev. Sharp, said the Bible Reading
Marathon will call attention to the fact that our society needs the guidance and direction that only
the Word of God can give. This goes back to the truth that our Founding Fathers strongly believed as
they began our nation’s educational system, rooted and grounded in the Word of God; so much so, that
the Bible was the original school textbook.
Sponsored by the International Bible Reading Association [IBRA], and intensified by recent school
incidents across America, the Marathon is geared to give many people greater interest in what God has
to say in His Word, and that many will realize the Bible’s great importance to them personally as well
as to our entire nation’s moral and spiritual health.
According to Marathon officials, the mission will also expose our community to God’s powerful,
transforming Word. It is guaranteed: My Word shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what
I please [Isaiah 55:11]. Even more important, it is essential that we open our ears and hearts to read
what He says or our prayers will not be heard: One who turns away his ear from hearing the Law, even
his prayer shall be abomination [Proverbs 28:9].
Rev. Sharp said Rutherford County’s Marathon will be only one of many being held simultaneously in
America, including the 12th annual one held on the Capitol steps in Washington, DC. A great spiritual
blessing is anticipated in the weeks ahead as we plan and schedule people from all over Murfreesboro
and the surrounding areas to join together and read all of God’s Word — aloud — over the sound system
at the historic Cannonsburg Village, which is located at 320 South Front Street off Broad Street.
Reverend Sharp said he is awaiting confirmation from several Church choirs and musical groups who will
perform during the opening and/or closing of the Marathon. Bible reading is scheduled in 15-minue
slots. If you, your group, or church, would like to be a part of this gigantic outreach either through
reading, performing, or in some other way, contact Reverend Sharp at 615-896-4200, or the International
Bible Reading Association, PO Box 1501, Murfreesboro, TN 37133.

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