4Him: The Finale Tour

As 4HIM, one of Christian music’s most loved and popular artists, closes their 16-year career, it was only fitting that their last Atlanta-area concert be held at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, where, Mark Harris says, they’ve given their most performances.
The sanctuary of the mega-church was filled with fans, proving that 4HIM has not lost their ability to draw large crowds to their concerts. Although the 4,000 seat sanctuary is huge, everyone was guaranteed a great view on the two enormous jumbo-trons on the church walls.
4HIM opened the show with a medley of their past hits “Center of the Mark”, “Measure of a Man”, and “The Message”. Mark delivered an outstanding performance of “Why?”, and he and Marty played acoustic guitars on “Before the River Came”, and on the group’s lesser-known song, “Voice of God”.
Each member of the foursome has great stage presence, and they are able to connect with the audience, simultaneously providing entertainment and a wonderful spiritual experience. They are also top-notch live performers, and they never sounded better on classics, “Where There is Faith”, and “For Future Generations”.
As 4HIM traveled by song down memory lane, they also offered a glimpse of the future. Each member will work as solo artists after 4Him disbands. (Andy and Mark have already released solo albums). They each performed solos during the concert. Andy and Mark both garnered an emotional response from the audience with their inspirational pop songs, “Believe” (Andy), and “Find Your Wings” (Mark). Kirk delivered blue-eyed soul with “Get Down Mountain”, and Marty rocked out on “Runaway Train”. Each member received a standing ovation for their solo performances.
After singing “Great Awakening”, 4HIM closed with “The Basics of Life”. After several minutes of applause from the audience, 4HIM returned for an encore. They sang “The Only Thing I Need” and took a final bow before leaving the stage for the last time.
With 4HIM’s excellent live show, it seems that they could continue to go strong for many more years. Unlike some veteran artists who remain even after passing their prime, 4HIM is going out at the top of their game.
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