ZOEgirl Plans South America

ZOEgirl recently returned from their fourth mission trip to South America, this year as hosting partners with Big World Ventures and joined by more than 70 listeners from KJIL, ShineFM, WMSJ, HisRadio and WPOZ. Returning with remarkable stories and testimonials, ZOEgirl and their more than 80 fellow missionaries worked to serve the people of Quito by offering meals to families living in the streets, shoveling, painting, restoring and repairing roofs and buildings and performing concerts and evangelistic dramas all over the city. Teams had the opportunity to care for the young and the old; those rarely visited or touched at retirement homes and orphanages, by washing and smoothing lotion to feet and hands. The mission also ministered to the families living at the dump by feeding, washing, cutting and combing their hair and applying bandages to their scrapes and cuts.
“I have been on three short-term trips in the last 18 months, but this was the first artist/listener trip I have undertaken. One of the most impressive things I witnessed was the commitment of everyone involved to ‘love at all costs’. Alisa, Kristin, and Chrissy of ZOEgirl, along with Michael Passons, were in the ‘trenches’ of mission work with everyone. This was no vacation to the Andes’, explains Bill Lurwick, Afternoon Guy at KJIL in Meade, Kansas.
Caleb David of Big World Ventures offers, “This past summer the people of Ecuador were once again touched by the love of God.” He adds, “ZOEgirl Missions goes beyond just outreach. We believe that those who participate on these trips are forever changed and we have seen God do amazing things in and through us. This trip is not about hype, it’s not about “being cool”, it’s not about us…it’s about Jesus. And we want to challenge each person to not only get their feet wet, but to jump right in!”
ZOEgirl also performed for those who gathered at an outreach concert in a local park, seeing hundreds dedicate their lives to Jesus through performance and drama.
ZOEgirl will be on the road this fall, speaking and performing in five cities with The Revolve Tour, directly addressing serious issues for today’s teens like sexual purity, self esteem, nurturing faith and friendship and family issues. On the day after Christmas, the three-member group will release “With All Of My Heart”, a compilation of some of their greatest hits and 2 new songs. A spring tour is being planned and ZOEgirl Missions will return to Quito, Ecuador this summer.
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