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American Heritage Girls Sponsors Youth Rally at March for Life

American Heritage Girls (AHG) will assist the Diocese of Arlington as the largest sponsor for their national prayer gathering and rally in Washington, D.C. at the Patriot Center, prior to the March for Life, January 22, 2014. AHG, a faith-based character development program for girls age 5 through 18, will provide financial support and water bottles for more than 15,000 youth at the “Life is Very Good Evening of Prayer” and the “Life is Very Good Morning Rally” organized by…

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‘After Earth’ with Will and Jaden Smith a Decent Teen Sci-Fi Flick

M. Night Shyamalan’s “After Earth,” starring Will Smith (Hitch, “I Am Legend”) and his son Jaden Smith, is a decent sci-fi fim for teens and tweens. Although it has no faith-based attributes, the movie is a reasonably good coming-of-age film based upon a plot developed by actor Will Smith. The movie was produced by Will Smith and Jada-Pinkett Smith among others. Jaden Smith plays Kitai, a young teen living on Nova Prime where humanity settled after leaving a failing Earth…

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Star Wars & Other Video Games Caving to Homosexual Agenda

The classic Star Wars line of books, movies, video games and toys originated as a story that the entire family could enjoy. It avoided sexual immorality, political positioning and extreme graphic violence.However, due to pressure from the GLBT lobby, Electronic Art has made the decision to incorporate gay characters into their next production of the Star Wars video game aimed at boys ages 11-16. “The impact from this decision has potential to be extremely destructive to children and families. What…

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Easter Devotion

Web //–> “Oh. Man, I wish I could go back in time. I’d take state.” (Uncle Rico – Napoleon Dynamite ) OK, so maybe I am just a little like Uncle Rico. Not that I would throw steak and stare at my biceps all day (AS IF I had biceps…)-but I would like a time machine. Not the one from “the internet” that they had of course, but one that actually worked. Can you imagine? And unlike Uncle Rico,…

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Mary’s Unshakeable Faith

Web //–> Mary didn’t have simple faith, she had unshakable faith grounded in the living God! This is what you will discover in Luke chapter one, as the preparations for Christ’s arrival begin! An angel appears out of no where to inform her that she is going to have a child. Not just any child, but the Son of God! Mary’s only inquiry, “how could this happen, for I am a virgin?” The angel explained how the Holy Spirit…

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Setting Curfew

Web //–> Here’s an idea for parents of teenagers that Megan, the college student who is living with us for three months, shared with us. Her parents allowed her to set her own curfew, within reason. She then set an alarm clock with that predetermined time on it and set it on her parent’s nightstand before she left for the evening. It was her responsibility to turn the alarm off when she arrived later that night. That way her…

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Do You Still Believe?

Web //–> We are living in a time where the Christian message is being minimalized, trivialized and marginalized. And this attack is not just coming from the outside. Too many Christian “experts” are saying that the basic good news of Jesus (AKA “the gospel”) is not enough to save a soul, a community, the planet. Where do you stand? Do you still believe in the power of the gospel? These experts say things like, “The gospel message is not…

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7th Annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

Web //–> Tomorrow morning students from thousands of schools around the world will refuse to speak as a protest against the killing innocent children. Every day in America almost 4000 human persons are killed by surgical abortion. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, a project of Stand True, Christ-Centered Pro-life is observed by hundreds of thousands of students who will lose their voice in solidarity with their brothers and sisters who will never have a voice. Last year Stand…

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Appropriate Movies

Web //–> The other day me and a couple of mom’s were talking about movies our kids watch and how we want to protect what their eyes and hearts take in. I told them about a wonderful tool my husband and I have used through the years to determine if a movie is appropriate or not. They were so excited and grateful for the information; I thought I should pass it on to you. It is a website called:…

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