Your Unforgettable Life By Jennifer Schuchmann and Craig Chapin

A legacy? Who thinks much of it when you’re alive? Authors Jennifer Schuchmann and Craig Chapin have and prick our minds with insight through their book Your Unforgettable Life. This thought-provoking book reveals how each day we live determines the legacy we will leave.
Schuchmann and Chapin lay out a logical perspective about how a legacy is lived out. We all have 1,140 minutes every day and how we choose to spend those minutes determines what legacy we will leave. Schuchmann and Chapin identify the fact that we can’t gain any more minutes, nor can we stop it from moving on, but we can spend it wisely. I appreciated how Your Unforgettable Life devotes a great deal to discussing guarding your legacy by making wise choices, prioritizing, guarding against temptation, discipline to do the right thing, and developing healthy habits. Living a disciplined life is possible if we are serious about what we want to leave behind. Whatever type of life one lives, whether with integrity or thinking the small stuff doesn’t matter; whether spending time with the ones we love or thinking selfishly; our actions will not just affect us, but will trickle through our families and into the public arena.
Schuchmann and Chapin point out the importance of leaving a positive public legacy. To aid in this, we may need to put aside prejudice and learn to trust those who are different than us. There may be someone who wronged us and forgiveness needs to take place.
Your Unforgettable Life caused me to sit up and take notice to assure that the legacy I am walking out today will be there when I am no longer on this earth. Jennifer Schuchmann and Craig Chapin’s book Your Unforgettable Life has all the tools to get you thinking.

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