You Don’t Have to Sparkle to Be Chosen by God!



You don’t have to sparkle to be chosen by God! He is the One who puts the shine on you! God often chooses outcasts and foreigners to glorify His Name. The big misconception that you need to have a righteous or holy background to be chosen is wrong. The only prerequisite to any ministry is a heart of faith, humbleness and surrender. He is not interested in the glitter or origin of the instrument, only the willingness to serve and glorify Him! Don’t let the simple pass you by.
When God’s people get too arrogant or complacent in their blessings, He will send an outcast or foreigner to put the exclamation point on His mighty Truths and send home the lessons of faith! This is seen in the stories of; the faithful Centurion, the Canaanite woman, the sinful woman and Rahab the prostitute.
In Matthew 8:5-13 & Luke 7:1-10, you’ll find the story of the faithful Centurion. God sent this Centurion to Jesus, to displayed true faith in front of the disciples! Many times those already in the ministry need to be shown faith from a source that will deepen their understanding or bring them back on course! You are never too righteous or wise to learn! This lesson, for the disciples, provided an example of the type of faith needed for dedicated service!
The Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:21-28, was another example for the disciples. They were so eager to dismiss her because she was irritating. But, Christ was about to connect with her on a level that not one of the disciples had achieve yet! His silence to her question wasn’t to ignore her but to get the attention of the disciples, I believe. As soon as all ears were focused on the conversation, Jesus asked her the question and she nailed it. And because she had approached Him with the right heart, motive and faith…and she then received what she was asking for! This is an amazing lesson!
The sinful woman, in Luke 7:36-50, demonstrated true humbleness, love, faith and devotion to Christ. She did this by anointing His feet with tears, perfume and kisses. She fell before Him in reverence and knew whose Presence she was in!
Whereas Simon the host and Pharisee, was too pious and self righteous in his religious arrogance to see “WHAT” and “WHO’s” Presence he was in! He was caught up in getting an explanation to the of the actions of his invited guest. So busy in the interpretation of the law ….when the Fulfiller of the law was right in front of him! Thinking his wisdom, home and inquisition was far superior to the sinful woman. Once again Christ sees the shining star and honors the faithfulness, and sends a powerful message while doing it!
Now onto Joshua chapters 2 and 6:16-25, Rahab the prostitute! Not only was she a foreigner to the Israelites but an outcast among her own people. Yet, God saw the heart of a saint, chose her and used her for His glory! He placed her in the bloodline of Christ, Matt.1:5. She went from a prostitute to Holy Royalty! What a story! She is mentioned in the Hall of Faith, Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 31, alongside all of the saints!
Don’t ever think that you have gone somewhere or done something that God cannot forgive. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23.
Some of the strongest instruments, are those that have gone through the deepest valleys. They are intimately aquatinted with the depths of His mercy and grace! The furnace for them was so intense with the heat from their trial, that the image of Christ is burned deep. This forges together the supreme strength of Christ to human weakness. The result …a powerful testimony that “Sparkles” from the reflection of their Savior and a mighty weapon in the hand of God!
Just like the woman in Luke, it wasn’t the FACT of who she was but the ACT of her heart that made her great before Christ! Many are forgiven but it is what you do from that point that will reveal the depth of your love and fervor for Him!
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