York College Hosts Christian College Presidents

We had a wonderful trip to Nebraska on November 6 to join all the Christian college and university presidents for their annual meeting. This year the three-day event was hosted by York College.  President Wayne Baker and Darlene, the First Lady of York, were gracious hosts.  They entertained us royally and contributed so much to our meeting. 

There were two items that I want to mention about that visit. The first is the removal and restoration of the Prayer Chapel to their campus.  This hundred-year-old building located north of York had been abandoned. York College bought it, moved it and restored it to its pristine condition and it is open 24/7 to any who want to go there to pray.  It has become an icon for the entire community and what a lovely addition it has made to both the campus and the town of York.  The second item is the York College Concert Choir which performed for our group on Monday evening. What an outstanding group.  Their performance was the icing on the cake.  We were glad to learn that they will be traveling to Japan in the spring.  If you ever have a chance to hear then, don’t miss the opportunity.
Charles F. Myer, Jr., Ph.D.
Global Christian University


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