Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Comfortable Way to Get Out of Debt!

Helpful tips for getting out of debt without giving up your lifestyle

As my five-year-old-going-on-15 daughter would say, “Ya… right!” Let’s see, we could…
* Quit eating so much,
* Stop driving,
* Eliminate all fun from our lives,
* Become homeless.
* Blah, blah, blah!

If you have ever been overweight and tried to diet, you know how depressing this kind of lifestyle change can be. And not only does this kind of radical change rank up there with having once-a-day root canals, it is also terribly ineffective.

As much as they try, those debt-free-living preachers I’ve listened to forget that the object in life is not to end up with no debt, but rather to
actually live! So what if you accumulate some debt along the way? As long as your life purpose is served and your income can support it, there is no hole below the water line.

On the other hand, it is true that Americans routinely live beyond their incomes, rack up substantial unsecured debt, and get themselves into a situation that it appears even Houdini himself couldn’t get out of. So what about those traumatic times when you can barely pay the minimum balances on the credit cards? Uh oh, you had better call in the troops.

The troops in this case come from two very different, but equally important headquarters. The first assistance is applied toward stopping the hemorrhaging. Living beyond one’s means must end. Cut up the credit cards and quit acting as if you have more money than you really do. This requires a behavioral change.

The second assistance is rendered from a group by the name of Debt Saver. This Denver-based firm specializes in working closely with people to help
them get entirely out of debt – usually within ten years. That’s right – ten years – and that includes your mortgage. Amazing! The program will cost you between $800-$1200, but it certainly appears to be effective (and don’t worry about the cost – they can help you come up with the money to pay for that, too). The Debt Saver program works for anyone who has substantial credit card debt and who is a homeowner. You can reach them by logging on to, or calling 1-615-239-2004.

So, loose those chains that bind you, the ones that make you think you can never get ahead. Of course you can. You just need the right approach.

Stephen R. Bolt is the author of the book Money for Life, and Your Money, Your Values. To learn more about values-based financial planning log ontoMoneyAndValues.



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