Would You Drop


David Jenison
Sep 21, 2011




September 23, 1995, marked the apex for one promotion for Bride's "Would You Drop"? campaign. Put together by Rugged Records, the promotion included members of retail and media outlets escorting Bride fans from their respective cities across America to skydive with Bride in Nashville.

Early on the morning of the 23rd, the group of 15 jumpers and about 30 spectators drove to the drop sight where a 13,000 foot jump awaited. The group engaged in a quick yet fervent prayer and then began suiting up. The weather chose not to cooperate, however, and the jump was cancelled. There were absolutely no complaints by the winners because the extra time allowed them to have quality personal interaction with their favorite band. The fans were later treated to a special private concert with Bride. No chutes may have opened, but the winners still got what they really wanted: quality time with their favorite band and a personal, intimate concert.