Worship City USA Day

Worship City USA Day is HERE!! Saturday, June 8, 2002, 5:00-7:00 PMm On Capitol Hill
Many of you have been emailing us over and over again to find out what we are planning for Worship City USA Day
this year. You may remember last year that we had a HUGE gathering on June 9, 2001 on the Capitol Hill in Nashville
with worship leaders and speakers like Mac Powell of Third Day, Watermark, Jason Upton, Louie Giglio, Tommy
Tenney and Kirk Cameron. We made history as God sent nearly 10,000 worshipers to Nashville’s state capitol to pray
for unity in the body of Christ and for harvesters to reach 100’s of thousands of lost people in our city!
After such an amazing gathering, it may surprise some of you that we ARE NOT doing it again this year at the same
level. Organizing an event of this magnitude is VERY challenging and VERY expensive. Over the last few months we
have been forced to reconsider God’s plan through us for Nashville, and in doing so have realized that asking God to
give us this city is MUCH GREATER than we have understood. We have been challenged to ask ourselves if God
actually did give us Nashville, “What would we do with it?” What would we do if 500,000 to 1 million people really
accept Jesus as Lord and Savior? Are we prepared for the things we’re asking for to really happen? Trust me, we still
want them to happen, but we want to truly let God do the work in us so that we are not blind-sided by REAL revival!
All that said, we want to invite you to join us on June 8, 2002 for Worship City USA Day! We will be having a VERY
SMALL gathering of committed, God-fearing people to worship and pray from 5:00-7:00 PM near the top of the
Capitol Building in downtown Nashville. We will NOT have a sound system. We will NOT have any other special
guests. We will NOT have a light show. We will NOT have a big stage. We will ONLY have a small group of passionate
worshipers, our band with a couple acoustic guitars, and our hearts burning for Jesus!!!
We will meet at the top of the hill near the capitol building in the large circular pavement area just before 5:00 PM. We
will spend some time singing together and praying and then walking and praying over the capitol property asking God
to continue the process of turning Nashville into Worship City USA, a city after God’s heart!!!
PLEASE do NOT come for a “concert”, because there won’t be one. Simply come to desperately and passionately
seek God for His Kingdom to come in our needy city. Lord, change us!!!!
See you on the hill . . .


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