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Three Christians from U.S. Arrested in China

Web //–> The three Christians arrested in China yesterday have arrived safely in the United States after being deported for speaking out about oppression in China. Rev. Pat Mahoney, Brandi Swindell, and Michael McMonagle were detained after Chinese police broke up a press conference in Tiananmen Square where the group was attempting to speak out against China’s forced abortion policies, religious persecution, and other human rights violations. (See video of their arrests.) The three were taken into custody and…

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OAS Concerned about Sexual-Orientation/Gender Identity Resolution

World Congress of Families Global Coordinator Larry Jacobs expressed “grave concern” over a recent resolution passed by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) condemning perceived human rights violations based on so-called sexual orientation and gender identity.The “Resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity” (enacted at a June 3 session in Colombia) was sponsored by Brazil, whose president, Luis Lula, has stated publicly that he wants to criminalize dissent from the gay agenda (which he…

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Beijing Gospel Church Disrupted By Government Officials

Web //–> China Aid has learned further details concerning the disruption and attack on the 1000 member Beijing Gospel Church. In an open letter directed at Government officials, victims of the attack were able to relay in graphic detail the events that happened on the morning of May 25. According to eyewitnesses at approximately 9:30 am on Monday, house church gathering sites at Longhuayuan Residential Complex, Tiantongyuan Residential Complex, Century Jiayuan Residential Complex, Yangqiao Residential Complex, Ganjiakou Residential Complex,…

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Band Speaks Out About Persecution Of Indonesian Churches

Web //–> With the persecution of Christians happening all over the world, the most recent attack in Indonesia hits home for Bread of Stone founders, Bill and Ben Kristijanto. While in California doing a benefit concert to raise money for an Indonesian church, the brothers heard the news of the tragedy in their native land. An attack happened this past week on the Christian village of Horale, where people including children, were tortured. Not only were people hurt, but…

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Cyclone Death Toll Climbs in Burma

Web //–> A devastating cyclone has claimed the lives of as many as 22,500 victims in Burma, leaving hundreds of thousands more without homes, food or clean drinking water. Over 41,000 other victims have been declared missing in the storm’s aftermath. Cyclone Nargis hit the Southeast Asian country in the early morning hours of May 3, 2008, where the 120- mile per hour winds tore the roofs off homes, schools and hospitals, and cut electricity in Yangon, Burma’s largest…

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In Pakistan Churches are Bombed and Believers are Murdered

Web //–> The murder of Benazir Bhutto highlights Pakistan’s position as the most dangerous nation on earth, says Jim Jacobson, head of Christian Freedom International. The country “is an unstable nuclear weapons state, infiltrated by terrorists and hostile to the West,” he explains. With Bhutto’s death, the dream of a democratic Pakistan recedes even further into the future. The most America can hope for in the short term, warns Jacobson, is that “Pakistan not explode, spreading nuclear weapons and…

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7-Year Old American Citizen Forced into Hiding in China

Web //–> In the shadow of the Olympic Games Village, northwest of Beijing’s city center, concerns about religious persecution and the corruption of justice for China’s common citizens in the months running up to the Olympics have been raised, in a case involving a young American girl, nicknamed “Grace”, and her middle class Chinese family. Grace En Mei Shi , a 7-year old girl, who is an American citizen of Chinese ethnic descent, has been forced into hiding with…

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A Martyr’s Story – From the Eyes of Victim’s Sons

Web //–> Iran, December 1993: An Islamic judge in northern Iran condemns a zealous Christian convert from Islam – Mehdi Dibaj – to death. His crime was apostasy. Dibaj had already served 10 years in prison. Bishop Haik Hovsepian, the leader of evangelical Christians in Iran, speaks out for his brother in Christ. He launches an international campaign for Dibaj’s sentence to be overturned. Hovsepian’s campaign is successful. Dibaj is freed only a few days before his execution date….

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World Congress of Families Warns Sweden Against Same-Sex Marriage

//–> World Congress of Families Global Coordinator Allan Carlson cautioned Sweden against adopting same-sex marriage, saying it would “accelerate the precipitous decline of the Swedish family.” The Scandinavian nation, which has had civil partnerships for gays since 1995, is now considering homosexual marriage. A parliamentary committee studying the change is expected to issue its report early next year. Opinion polls show only 46% of Swedes favor same- sex marriage, while 31% are opposed and the rest undecided. Carlson commented: “Sweden…

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Vote Life, Canada!

Web //–> The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) meets next week for its annual Plenary Assembly and Vote Life, Canada! is pleading with them to call an emergency session to address the ongoing scandal and devastation caused in Canada by renegade Catholic priests and politicians. “Just last week,” says Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada! “Catholics in Canada were scandalized by the television appearance of Father Raymond Gravel, Catholic priest/politician, who once again unabashedly expressed his support…

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