‘Women for America First’ Statement on Violence at Trump Rally

Women for America First Issues Statement on Violence at the Capitol Today

 Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans flocked to Washington, DC to attend the “Save America Rally” hosted by Women for America First and attended by President Donald J. Trump.

Following the event held at the Ellipse, violence broke out at the Capitol. In response, Amy Kremer, Chairwoman of Women for America First, issued the following statement:

“We unequivocally denounce violence of any type and under any circumstances. We are saddened and disappointed at the violence that erupted on Capitol Hill, instigated by a handful of bad actors, that transpired after the rally.

“Unfortunately, for months the left and the mainstream media told the American people that violence was an acceptable political tool. They were wrong. It is not.

“We stand by and strongly support the men and women of the Capitol Hill police and law enforcement in general and our organization played absolutely no role in the unfortunate events that transpired.

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“What is truly sad, is that the misdeeds of a handful of people will overshadow the overwhelming success of the peaceful event – attended by hundreds of thousands of Americans – that we sponsored today.

“The movement that was launched by President Donald J. Trump is one that respects the rule of law, supports our law enforcement and believes that violence has no place in politics today.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Women for America First’ Statement on Violence at Trump Rally”

  1. Can u mention how white veterens are treated in this country, and how white people do not receive the same section 8 housing privelages as others.

  2. Amy, I am very proud of what you have been doing for our country. Please don’t give up. I pray blessing and strength on you from our Lord Jesus Christ, who can keep you strong. Thank you for your statement. Thank you for your energy. Thank you for your love of our Country. Please don’t give up as we need a leader more than ever, with so much evil showing it evil head. God is love, happiness. That is what we need to show the world, God’s love, strength, kindness. I have heard many people who have been in the rallies that say that is just what they experienced. Some how we have to reach the ones that don’t know the truth. Some of them are good, wonderful people who just are believing a lie. God be with you. Blessings Clara Jean Cole


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