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Author Ken Anderson of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been busy getting ready for the release of his upcoming book, Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years. This collection of inspirational and thought-provoking reflections is due out this fall.
To help people find out more about the book, Ken has created a website atMayberryReflections.com
“I think it is important for today�s readers to understand that the values that were found in Mayberry are as important today as they were back when Mayberry first aired, says Ken. “I want to give readers some things to reflect upon as they watch the wonderful episodes that show life as it was in Mayberry.”
Ken has had several requests to do book signings when Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years releases.
� The director of a Senior Citizen Retirement Compound has invited Ken do a presentation and book signing at their complex which will be open to the community.
� The director of Eau Claire’s Senior America Day which is held at the university campus next April asked if I would do several presentations and a book signing. This brings in hundreds of people and is a very popular activity in the city.
� Other engagements are pending.
“I would like to stress that it is a book that has been written to be read by people of all ages, and that is why I tried to limit each reflection to one page, so that it would be something people could pick up and read when watching a particular episode. I also thought that it would appeal to people who are new to the world of Mayberry.”
Ken points out that Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years was written by someone who has spent most of his life in small towns, so he can relate to Mayberry and its values. “I am writing from the perspective of one who knows what small town life really is like.”
Ken Anderson spent 36 years as an elementary teacher in Wisconsin. He was listed in 1994 Who�s Who Among America�s Teachers, and he received An Outstanding Wisconsin Elementary Teacher Award in 1974. Ken also has several original poems included inThe Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry

About the Book:Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years
Ken Anderson
ISBN 1-933912-33-2
Coming this fall from Westview Publishing
About the Author:
Ken Anderson started writing about twenty years ago, and has had short stories and articles published in the Lutheran Digest, Family Life Today and in various newspapers. A number of Ken’s poems have been featured in The Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry and an anthology of poems called Earthshine which was published by Poetry Press. He has taught the Back to Mayberry Bible Study at various locations for the past five years.
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For more information and regular updates, visit Ken’s website atMayberryReflections.com
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