Will True Vibe Be in Kansas Sept. 1?

About a month or so ago I got my tix for Rock the Light on Sept. 1st in Kansas City, MO….b/c True Vibe is gonna be there…everyone else that is there I’ve already met and have seen and I did’t get tix to go see them…only True Vibe, I paid $50 for my tix…well, I went to the offical site and they have down that they are gonna be doing something in PA instead that day!!!!
I started crying!
If you know if this is offical and that they won’t be at Rock the Light, please let me know..
I talk to Nathan once in awhile but I don’t think I will get to before it’s time for my concert.
Thanks! Erin
Hi Erin,
I just received this from True Vibe’s publicist:
True Vibe will not be able to attend the Rock the Light event. They will be in Philadelphia, PA, for a Radio Disney event set up by Essential/Jive Records. Please convey the group’s regret to this kind fan, and that it is out of the band’s control.


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