Will ‘Left Behind’ — The Movie Be at a Theater Near You Feb. 2nd?

LEFT BEHIND – The most anticipated movie in Christian filmmaking
history will hit theaters all across North America on February 2nd, but it will only happen with your help. Because it is considered a religious film, there is resistance to putting it on enough screens. Please join me by going to http://www.lbtribforce.com/support.html?afid=tvc and showing your support.

This is the single project that can literally burst the doors to Hollywood
wide open. Left Behind-The Movie is a ONCE IN A GENERATION OPPORTUNITY to show Hollywood that there is a huge audience for good and Godly films. If we fill those theaters on February 2nd, we will be paving the way for countless future Christian films.

Please sign a Declaration of Support which will be sent to theaters all over the nation. http://www.lbtribforce.com/support.html?afid=tvc
For so long we in the Christian community have pointed out the shortcomings
of Hollywood, but we’ve failed to offer many real, viable alternatives.
Left Behind-The Movie has changed all that. Now, with your support we can
have a major impact on our culture!

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