Who Is Your Money Voting For?




The 2002 Presidential election turned out to be a fascinating window
into the American electorate. First it was Al Gore that seemed to be the
winner, then it was George Bush. Finally, about 3:00 am, with my wife’s and
my emotions as sharp as shards of glass, it was declared that neither
candidate had won. Instead, the determination of the victor would have to be
made through a series of court challenges and recounts.
We all sat riveted to our televisions each subsequent day as new
developments materialized. Through all of the turns and twists, the one
common denominator that emerged was how passionate individual voters on both
sides were about making their vote count! As I watched the drama unfold, I
couldn’t help but find tremendous irony in the fact that while people were
ready to protest, scream and file lawsuits to make sure their voice was
heard through their once-every-four-year-vote, the fact that their money was
most likely- at that very moment – being invested in companies whose values
were dramatically different from theirs seems to go entirely unnoticed.
Your money – right now – is being used to support some system of values on
lightning rod issues such as abortion, pornography, the advocacy of same-sex
lifestyle, and the environment. You probably don’t even know it. According
to research by the Values Investment Forum, over $500 billion of the top
five mutual funds is invested directly into companies involved in abortion,
pornography, and the support of a same-sex lifestyle! Interesting, isn’t it.
While we rant and rave about making our one vote count each four years in a
Presidential election, we completely fail to be good stewards of the votes
that our money is continuously casting each day. The cultural and political
results of the voting of our money could be argued to be tremendously more
impactful than the political vote we cast once every four years.
Whether you have a 401(k), mutual funds, IRA, or life insurance, that money
you have invested is being used to support somebody’s values. Don’t you
think they should be yours?
To find out whether your money is voting according to your values, log ontowww.MoneyAndValues.com. This state-of-the-art free service will show you in
a matter of seconds to what extent your money is aligned with your values.
If it turns out that your money is going one way while your values are going
the other, the service will even perform a search to find alternative
investment and insurance products that might better match your values.
Make sure your money votes the way you do!
Stephen R. Bolt is the author of the book Money for Life, and Your Money,
Your Values. .


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