When Bullies Claim to Be Victims

~ The “gender” bullies are at it again! Facebook group Writers Helping Writers Caves to Woke Mob ~

On March 7, a writer posted in Facebook’s Writers Helping Writers group that she had received positive feedback on her children’s book about “gender identity.” She soon got a bunch of likes, several sporting the rainbow flag, and the typical “so brave, so beautiful” yasslighting this type of post usually generates.

Then the unthinkable happened: someone posted a crying emoji. 😭

The author immediately made an issue of it, and her like-minded cronies jumped on the bandwagon with support (and a snide comment about Texas). One rational person suggested maybe it was a difference of opinion.

However, rational posts about a difference of opinion were drowned out by posts saying they were blocking the emoji poster and getting him or her banned from the group…. for BULLYING!

The same person who posted the last comment (as well as the snide comment about Texas) went on argue with anyone who disagreed with the ban and later stated that “your right to free speech has nothing to do with Facebook.” Well, I guess I have to agree with her on that one! The censorship mongers at Facebook almost always side with the woke bullies. But I digress.

In any case, for the heinous crime of posting a sad emoji on a post about a book that will most likely encourage young, impressionable children to mutilate their bodies irreparably, a gang of woke bullies got someone banned by the sorry-excuse-of-an-admin— not for a threat, not for an insult, not for a rude comment or even a rude gesture. A person was banned as a BULLY for posting this: 😭. #AdminFail

Who was really doing the bullying here?

While it pales in comparison to other ubiquitous stories of woke censorship, incidents like this are part of the intolerant mindset that allows the woke crowd to bully and ban whomever they want for the most innocuous behaviors while calling themselves the victims.

Writers Hating Writers

Update: On March 16, I left the group “Writers Hating Writers” (formerly known as Writers Helping Writers), because the weak-minded admin allowed the woke mob to post derogatory comments about anyone who disagreed with woke nonsense on a new post about “gender identity,” and then began “moderating” (AKA blocking) all comments by those who were being attacked by the woke crowd. This gave the woke haters free rein to insult others who were not allowed to reply. The woke mob knows their points are weak, so they resort to insults, name calling and demands for censorship to get their way instead of rational debate.

The heavy-handed, one-sided decision making indicates an abysmal failure on the part of the admin of “Writers Hating Writers.” It has become an echo chamber where one side can insult with impunity, and the other side cannot even reply.

Shame on you, Writers Helping Hating Writers, for allowing bullies to rule your forum. This doesn’t help writers. It merely fosters a hostile environment for people who disagree with the numerous fallacies and authoritarian censorship of the “woke” mindset, where free discourse is not allowed.

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