What’s Up With: Chuckie Perez

Christian urban/dance pioneer Chuckie Perez has inked a deal with
Christian music’s fastest growing upstart TAG Artist Group.
Originally scheduled for release last May through another
distributor, Perez decided to delay the release and pursue a
partnership with TAG.
Beginning his career as “Chuckie P,” the California-based artist
helped open the doors for urban artists in Christian music. Releasing
English and Spanish-language projects on a variety of labels
including Essential and Diadem/Benson, Perez toured the U.S. with
artists like dcTalk and the Newsboys, and launched numerous tours
In recent years, Perez has been busy penning tracks for immensely
popular network television shows including One Life to Live, All My
Children and notable programming throughout Italy. He also penned and
recorded the title track for Before I Wake, the biopic of slain
rapper Tupac Shakur. In addition to his successful music career,
Perez pastors West Coast Community Church in Fontana, California.
It’s been nearly ten years since Christian music fans last heard from
Perez, so it’s no wonder that his forthcoming release “A Page From My
Life” has been met with so much anticipation.
“I accomplished a lot in the first phase of my career,” says
Perez. “And I’m coming back from a genuine place, hoping someone else
may be encouraged or inspired. I want to be authentic. It’s time for
the next chapter.”
In addition to the September 27 release of the “A Page From My Life”
CD, TAG is releasing “A Page From My Life: The Process,” a DVD that
takes fans into the studio for a behind-the-scenes look at the
recording process. The DVD also includes exclusive interview footage
and home videos of the Perez family’s vacation in London.
Perez joins the TAG roster alongside such artists as Clay Crosse,
Bryan Duncan, Phil Keaggy, Leon Patillo, Steve Archer, Kent
Bottenfield, Joy Oliver, Chronos, Substance and Bruce Carroll.
“If you meet Chuckie in person, you’ll sense his heart for sharing
God’s joy with people,” says Mark Weber of
ChristianMusicMonthly.com. “His music is upbeat and rhythmic, and he
seems like he’s doing it for the ministry more than the money, which
is refreshing.”
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