‘What Is a Woman’ Free on Twitter This Weekend

~ Watch ‘What Is a Woman’ Documentary Free on Twitter This Weekend ~

The DailyWire 90-minute documentary film “What Is a Woman” starring Matt Walsh was first available on the Twitter platform for free for 24 hours on Thursday night to mark the one-year anniversary of its release. However, because of restrictions placed on the film by some inside Twitter, visibility was restricted due to two instances of what was called “misgendering.” Twitter staff labeled the documentary as “hateful conduct,” and the film could not be shared, nor did it appear in the public feed.

The DailyWire and supporters of the film took to Twitter to petition Elon Musk to look into the censorship.

On Friday morning, Twitter removed the restrictions on “What is a Woman?” and Twitter users were free to like and retweet the film. Even Musk tweeted the film to his millions of followers, saying, “Every parent should watch this.”

The DailyWire made the decision to allow the documentary to air for free all weekend due to its rocky launch, which made the afforts of some Twitter staff to stifle the eye-opening look at the transgender movement an exercise in futility.

If you cannot afford a DailyWire subscription but have always wanted to see the documentary that asks the question: What IS a Woman? now is your chance to watch it at your convenience over the weekend.

Watch What Is a Woman for free.

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