What Is a Woman? AFA Praises Kansas for Correct Answer

~ AFA praises Kansas for answering 2023’s enduring question: ‘What is a woman?’~

In no age of human history have large segments of the population been as confused about basic biology as they are now, but the Kansas legislature has stepped into the breach to fight for common sense and define what a “woman” is. The Kansas House and Senate overrode a veto by Gov. Laura Kelly (D) by resounding margins of 84-40 and 28-12 respectively. The measure simply states that being woman (or a man) is determined by reproductive organs, or “biological sex, either male or female, at birth.” This legislation is known as the “Women’s Bill of Rights.”

American Family Association (AFA, www.AFA.net) Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano said this is a prime example of reality triumphing over false promises of fluctuating gender and praised Kansas lawmakers for taking action before it’s too late.

“What the members of the Kansas legislature have done reveals the power of an action-oriented approach to the insanity going on right now in our Republic,” said Vitagliano. “They weren’t passive; they didn’t allow the cultural loudmouths to intimidate them; they didn’t just sit back and complain. As the old saying goes, ‘It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.’ Christians especially must be bold and active in America –– before the inmates get full control of the asylum.”

What Is the AFA?

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