What Happens in the Barnyard, Stays in the Barnyard

Let me set the scene for you: my husband and I were talking about the next day’s activities when I reminded him of the screening for the new animation from Paramont Barnyard. He groaned. “Do we have to?” This from a man who loves to curl up on the couch with our boys to watch just about every cartoon that comes on… no matter what the theme is. I informed him he had plenty of notice on this and we were going.

Once we got to the theater, no one seemed to know what was going on, or where it was showing. We were sent to the wrong screen, told it would be a second one, and then once seated and previews showing, were moved to a third! Then we were told it would be about another 20 minutes before it started. Which means we’d been there almost an hour before the lights went down. During this wait, my husband took several opportunities to make sure his objection was duly noted.
Once the lights went down, the whole experience turned… for the better! There is so much more to this movie than the ads even begin to tell. There are several very lovable characters that are all wonderfully written. Personalities ooze from this movie.
Barnyard is a coming of age story, with a teen-age son who likes to have fun, but has a tender side he doesn’t like to show. A father who loves his boy more than anything else, and believes one must stand up for others. Then there are the new cows, the gray market gofers, the wild cows, the sweet chicks, and the coyotes.
There are a couple of scenes that may be a bit heavy for little ones, however, it did not seem to effect any of the children there. Those kids laughed more than I have heard at a cartoon as of late. Even my husband, who was so sure he would not like this movie, laughed… out loud… a lot! Yes, I laughed… and I cried! When was the last time you did both in a cartoon?
Voices are supplied by several big names: Sam Elliott, Courtney Cox, Danny Glover, and Wanda Sikes to name a few. This movie is rated pg for some of the situations and humor they have. Overall, this is one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while. My husband, who really didn’t want to go said, “Fantastic.”
Enjoy this movie, but beware of “Wild Mike!”
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