What Christmas Means to Me…

Christian artists from several musical genres share what the Christmas season means to them.

Shelley Breen, Point of Grace
I know it’s cliche, but I have to admit that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Nothing warms my heart more than the memories of Christmas as a child. The whole family gathered together to enjoy a meal, open gifts, and attend church together was and still remains the centerpiece to the holidays. Sometimes my mouth starts to water just thinking of all the wonderful things my mom used to prepare! But of course for me, it’s always about the food!! I wish sometimes that I could capture the feeling of Christmas everyday of the year, but maybe not the calories!!!
Heather Payne, Point of Grace
My thoughts on Christmas have changed so much since I’ve had children.
I now feel the responsibility to instill in them the understanding of why
Christmas is so important. When I first became a mom I couldn’t wait to
buy presents and have their picture with Santa at the mall, and I do still
love all of that. However, I now realize how impressionable their young
minds are and how much they really do understand the things going on around them. The true spirit of Christmas is that God sent His Son to this earth for a reason. To redeem us. I hope that if you asked my children what
Christmas is all about they would say without hesitation, “It’s when Jesus was
Leigh Cappillino, Point of Grace
I have so many sweet memories of Christmas but ones that I hold very dear to my heart are growing up in Belton, S.C. My family has always been so involved in their church and each Christmas Eve our little country church of about 150 people would get together at “the ole school house” building and each family would bring there favorite food dishes. We would literally cram ourselves in the school house, eat, sing Christmas songs and pass out gifts to one another. The most exciting time for us “little ones” was before the night ended, there would be a knock on the door of the school house… it was Santa Claus!! He came each year… he would let us sit on his lap and tell him what we hoped to get for Christmas and then his gift to us was a bag of oranges, pecans and walnuts. I can still smell the bag of “goodies”.. sweet memories of Christmas!!
Denise Jones, Point of Grace
The year I was 7 years old, I began to wonder in my head if Santa was
real or not. All I wanted that year for Christmas was a drum set. I
decided that I wouldn’t tell anyone and I figured that if Santa was
real he would know what I wanted without telling him. So I tried my
very hardest to stay awake that year all night long. I just had to
know for myself. I tossed and turned. Somewhere in the middle of the
night I thought that I heard something in the other room. Quietly
slipping out of bed, I crept into the living room. My heart was
beating so fast. There was nothing. Everything was quiet except for
my dog who got up from under the tree where he had been laying. I
went back to bed. Sleep came too quickly and before I knew it, the sun
was coming up. When I walked into the living room with my sisters that
morning I couldn’t believe it. There it was! My shiny red drum set!
Never again did I question if there was a real Santa or not. I
Steven Curtis Chapman
Christmas morning is a sacred family time in the Chapman home. Our children wake up early, excited to see what Santa left them in the night. Two of them are still under the age of four, and it’s especially wonderful to see the magic and wonder in their eyes. But before gifts are opened, we sit on the floor together in front of the tree, read the Christmas story from the Bible, sing a Christmas carol, and pray to thank God for sending us the most important gift of all–His Son. Everyone tries to be patient during this time, but they’re eager to tear into the gifts the second I say, “Amen.”
Rachael Lampa
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is one that I share with my two brothers, Ryan and Nate, and my sister, Colleen. Before we go to bed on Christmas Eve, we all have to watch Home Alone together and force ourselves not to quote every single line since we’ve seen it so many times! After that, we decide whose room we are all going to crash in for the night. The tradition is that we all end up “sleeping” together in one room or at least thats what our parents think. This seemed to be a lot easier when we were all under 10, but now my brothers are 23 and 15, my sister is 18, and I’m 20 so it gets more torturous over time, but we will stay true to the tradition! We like to say that its because we just can’t stand to be away from each other, but really our motive is to make sure that no one can get a peek at what’s downstairs before the other!
Joseph Rojas, Seventh Day Slumber
“Not only is Christmas a time to remember the birth of Jesus, its also a time for family and friends to come together and share their hearts and their time with one another. For this one day people all across the world take time from their busy schedules and the rat race of life to stop and remember that there is absolutely more to life than work/money/things. That we have a loving savior who is always there for us, even when we continually pass him by without saying a word. Christmas means much more to me than I can put in words. I can simply only say this… Jesus is everything.”
Bonnie Keen
Christmas means I can go crazy decorating my house for the ultimate birthday celebration for my Jesus! I can play Michael W. Smith’s Christmas cds (which I play year round) without explaining why I’m listening to Christmas music. And I can chew on my tall children’s cheeks, 17 and 22 now…and still threaten them with no presents if they don’t let mom give them a smacker!
Martha Munizzi
Christmas means Home, Family, Giving, making memories and creating new
traditions, as well as remembering the true meaning of Christmas which is
Larnelle Harris
Christmas to me has always meant surprise. I guess because mom and dad loved to surprise me as a child. They hid presents around the house until I was almost grown. And then they, or someone, would place them under the tree. Yes, our tree at Christmas was surrounded with gifts, and as I later came to realize– sacrifice. They made the sacrifice mostly because they got a kick out of watching us kids tear through those packages filled with love. Come to think of it, sacrifice for joy is not new, is it? The Bible says in Heb 12:2-3 “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame…”..NIV

I pray that all of you will experience the fun of giving and receiving this Christmas season.
But be mindful of the plan that God revealed to us when He gave Himself wrapped in the form of a babe on that Holy morning for the joy. What love…what a sacrifice…and what a surprise. Merry Christmas!
Bryan Duncan
Christmas to me… is the primary marker in the passing of time… The birth of Christ is the reminder of hope for the future… and the giving is a chance to be thankful for those you love…This year it means I’ll be on the road for a month with the NehoSoul Christmas project… singing on Christmas eve and Christmas morning too…I’ll open my presents on the fly….
Jeni Varnadeau
Christmas to me is family. It’s not just a day- it’s a season. A season to reflect on Jesus’ humility to come to us as a man. As we do that, we are able to enjoy and embrace those around us, and have an additional opportunity to practice giving and generosity. This season can be very stressful and painful for people- and there are elements of that here and there. But for the most part, my hubbie and I always go and visit family out of town- which means I don’t have to cook or decorate or feel all stressed out about the season. It makes it easier on us to just relax and enjoy. 🙂
Kendall Payne
Christmas for me this year will be spent in London, England. I will be on tour with Delirious for the month of December and then my husband (we just got married 3 months ago) will meet me over there a week before Christmas. Some people would frown upon the idea of spending the best holiday of the year in a hotel. But not this hotel! Every room has a fully decorated tree, the staff leaves goodies all around your room on x-mas eve, while the guests of the hotel dine on a traditional english meal then gather in the wine cellar for a carol sing-a-long. Then everyone attends a midnight candle-lit mass in some gorgeous cathedral-like church. Christmas morning will be filled with presents and phone calls back to the states, then around 3pm all the hotel guests return to the dining room for another meal that is rumored to last 5-7 hours. Of course we all break to watch the Queen give her annual Christmas Day speech. But really, Christmas for me is about celebrating Christ’s life and you can do that ANYWHERE in the world!
Kate Miner
Christmas is – warmth, fudge, family, stress, joy, stockings, shopping, stress, shinny paper, curly ribbon, church christmas programs, stress, non-christmas christmas programs at school
…so have yourself a minimally traumatic christmas now…..
Scott Wesley Brown
I could wish you joy and peace to last a whole life long
I could wish you sunshine or a cheerful little song
Or wish you all the happiness that this life could bring
But I wish you Jesus more than anything!
Merry Christmas!


“Christmas is a time to reflect on the past year. My hope is that we made Christmas possible all year long to those who are less fortunate.”
Rita Springer

Watching nephews jump up and down grunting “YES” over gifts gotten that were asked for. My brothers who are all grown adults playing with their sons Christmas toys out in the back yard. (My nephews nowhere in sight) My new little baby and what he’ll think about Christmas when he turns one in December this year. Will the turkey look like Martha Stewart again? And……wow…God is good!
Curt Collins

Losing my parents has made me look at Christmas and the holiday season in an entirely different way. I have a great sense of loss yet I feel such tremendous joy. My parents are with Jesus now and they’re cancer free. Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross we have God’s promise that we will see our loved ones again. During this great season of our Saviors birth my family takes time to stop and think of the many blessings God has given us. We find new blessings in our lives everyday. As I continue to carry on my dad’s prison ministry I’m reminded of scripture that tells me to not forget those in prison and those who are hungry. This time of year causes me to slow down for a moment and find peace and comfort in Jesus my Savior and thank him for his many blessings! Merry Christmas!
Amber Ross, Everlife
To me, Christmas has always been synonymous with love. No matter what went wrong in the year, my family and I have done everything in our power to surround ourselves with each other, to celebrate the year, the ups and downs. Giving a gift is precious, and still more so to me is celebrating Jesus, his birth and life and knowing He’s the reason i’m there with my family. I cherish this time of year more than any other.
Julia Ross, Everlife
Christmas means “family and giving”…These are my two favorite things in the whole wide world! Wrapping paper and scotch tape, $4.99 at Walmart, seeing the smiles on my family’s faces after giving them a new memory that will last forever, PRICELESS…”
Sarah Ross, Everlife
Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love knowing that I am going to be with my friends and family, the ones I love more than life! Baking pumpkin pie with my mom and remembering Christmas’s past. But most importantly I love thinking about what Christ did for us, how he came so we could be set free, so we would have the freedom to love Him completely and celebrate what He’s done! Christmas means more that just decorating the house, buying presents, baking cookies and going to parties, althought those all are fun things! It’s all about the greatest gift that was given to us!”
“Christmas means being together with family and remembering the very first Holy night, when Jesus came to earth for us and His star shone so bright!”
John Schofield, The Myriad
It means that I get to dress my little pooch: Cordelia Aslan Petersen Schofield, in a juicy red sweater replete with images of giant, snowy elk upon its merry threads.
illusionist Brock Gill
When I peal back all the layers of advertising and marketing, I am
reminded that Christmas is the time of year that we remember the
Beginning of what we remember forever.
Peder Eide
What Christmas means to me is without question a time for family. We have a number of traditions that center around food. Our Norwegian heritage means we have a table loaded with food that is mostly colored white, with names like lefse, lutefisk, krumkake, and a dire need for sugar, salt and pepper. We worship on Christmas Eve, eat, clean up and then read the gospel of Luke, chapter 2. What amazes me every year is the power of God’s living, breathing, Word because no one makes a sound at the end of that reading. There is a powerful silence after we read that story, sensing its eternal truth. I look forward every year to that moment of silence.
Justin David, Cross Culture
The holidays are often so rushed and full of activities that we never slow down to take it all in. “The Reason for the Season”, even becomes a slogan rather than a humbling reflection of what we are to be “truly” celebrating. Many eccentric Christians get wrapped up in their own self-fulfilling mission to spread the truth about Christmas, and quite often miss it themselves. The day is not as much about a physical birthday as it is an honoring of the choice our God made to send his son for sacrifice. Take the time to walk away from all the hoopla this season and wherever you might find solitude, if even for an instant, make an effort to thank Him and soak in the astounding grace and love our Lord has for us. As all the family leaves to go home and all the presents are over with, His love remains. This is simply the message of Christmas. Not exclusive to a day, but all year round His love is available.
Josh Ogle, Pivitplex
In a day and age that commercialism dictates the focus of seasons and holidays; I find it even more important to celebrate Christmas for what it really is. Christmas is a annual reminder of the greatest gift mankind has ever received, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
God has given us a beautiful model for life and sacrifice, loosing everything to gain even more, Jesus is our path to God’s family.
Christmas is a time to remember His sacrifice for us as well as spend time with the family He provided us here on earth. Christmas is life.
Katelyn Tarver, American Idol Juniors
Christmas is a time to be with family and see family I don’t get to see that often. A time to depart from busy schedules and reflect.
Chris Greenwood, Manafest
When I think of Christmas, i think of two things
celebrating the day Jesus was born, and being able to spend time with
Chelsie Boyd, (new teen worship artist)
To me Christmas means spending time with your family and celebrating Jesus’ Birth. In my family we always read the Christmas story because that’s the most important thing. Christmas also means lots of funny memories, at least in my family it does. It’s not the gifts that make the memories, it’s the memories that make the gifts.
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