Were Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Left Behind?

Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, co-authors of the popular fiction book series, Left Behind, wish to address questions raised by their fans concerning the new DVD/video produced by Cloud Ten Pictures entitled, “Left Behind: World at War.” The Left Behind series of books was designed to bring a fresh look at the message of the Scriptures, and to make that message more accessible to the general public through the book series.
The authors are pleased both with the success of the book series and the positive impact it has had on its readers. Fans, however, have expressed confusion as to the authors’ relationship to the new DVD/video, as well as to the prior two “Left Behind” videos produced by Cloud Ten. The authors had no part in the development or production of Cloud Ten’s “Left Behind: World at War,” which is not even adapted from a novel in the series. Similarly, the authors had no meaningful input in the prior two “Left Behind” videos produced by Cloud Ten.
While the authors leave it to their readers to judge the quality of the new video and do not wish to disparage any positive ministry that might come from it, they remain hopeful that a theatrical film version of their works will eventually be made that will faithfully capture and deliver the profound message of the Left Behind books and create the same powerful and positive impact in the theater that it had in the books.

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