<i>We Can't Stand Sitting Down</i> - Stellar Kart


C.W. Ross
Jul 5, 2006




Stellar Kart's newest project entitled We Can't Stand Sitting Down is due out
on July 25th but you can preorder it now.

The band doesn't want their music to be pigeonholed into any one particular
category so that it's able to reach the widest possible range of people.

In reviewing it though I had to put some sort of label on it. What you'll find on
the release is mostly a mix of pop and punk styles with some power pop also
thrown into the mix.

Whatever label you want to place on it the only thing that really matters is it's
good stuff. You'll find lightning fast guitars, booming drum work and really
well done vocals.

The CD starts off fast with the pop/punk song, "Procrastinating" that deals with
the human nature of always putting things off until later. Be it something as
mundane as doing homework or more important things like going to church or
sharing your faith with others.

The rest of the songs deal a lot with real life issues from a faith perspective.
The need to really release control of your life to God and follow His guidance.

You'll also find several songs of hope for people down, troubles or depressed
with life. One of the best examples is the song. "Hold On," that deals with the
subject of depression and how much God loves us unconditionally even when
we want to give up on ourselves.

The last listed song on the CD is, "Angels In Chorus." The song is the band
expressing their total devotion to God. The band says the song takes them
back to their earlier days as the worship band for their youth group in Arizona

There is average music, good music, and then that category of special music. With
the combination of great music and lyrics found on this release, We Can't Stand Sitting Down falls into that special music category.

C.W. Ross is a freelance writer. You can e-mail him at: pezfun@juno.com

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