Wake Up and Smell the Pizza: 40 Tasty Readings for a Super Supreme Life 

Wake Up and Smell the Pizza: 40 Tasty Readings for a Super Supreme Life 
by Todd and Jedd Hafer
ISBN 0-7642-0033-X; Trade Paperback; $10.99
For any teen struggling over issues of popularity, friendship, romance—it’s time to wake up and smell the pizza! In this practical and straightforward devotional, two authors deeply in touch with the worries of youth today offer a fresh perspective to help them evaluate those monster life issues.
The Hafer brothers discuss tough topics—but they’re two hilarious guys who know what teens face every day and they actually encourage them to face reality, as they state in the Introduction:
“If you believe that God is relevant to contemporary life (as we do) and that His Word is more than a quaint relic…then you must trust that He will provide guidance in all areas of life. That means Internet pornography, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicide, you name it. We are trying to convey that guidance in a way we hope you will find relevant, challenging, funny and memorable.”
“Real answers to the trials and realities of today’s teen culture.” –Christian Book Reviews
Jedd Hafer is a stand-up comic who has performed all over the country with people such as Tommy Chong, Pat Paulson, Jimmy “J.J.” Walker, Judi Tenuta, and Michael “Kramer” Richards. A finalist in the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno Comedy Challenge,” Jedd is a two-time winner of the Colorado Young Writer’s award, and his “Contests and Characters” sports column took top honors in a nationwide journalism contest. Jedd’s day job is site director at The Children’s ARK, a home for troubled teens. He and his wife, Lindsey, are the parents of Brennan and Bryce and make their home in Colorado.
Todd Hafer is editorial director at Hallmark, Inc. He also tackles a variety of writing assignments for newspapers and magazines. He has won several national and international writing awards, a few of which his children haven’t colored on or used to play army. He enjoys competing in marathons and triathlons because “When you do something difficult and painful, it feels really good when you stop.” His favorite activity, though, is spending time with his wife, Jody, and their four children, T.J., Jami, Taylor, and Olivia. Todd and his family live in Kansas.
More information, an excerpt, and sample interview questions are available at http://www.bethanyhouse.com/wakeup


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