Wacky World Studios Wraps Up Another Homerun with Slingshot Slugger

Bruce Barry’s Wacky World Studios, LLC, completed its third action-packed video in a series of CG animation DVDs entitled The Roach Approach, Slingshot Slugger! Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, the new DVD is set to release March 21st, 2006 nationally to both Christian and general market retailers.
Loaded with laughs and fun for the entire family, the comedy-adventure story begins as Squiggz, Cosmo and Flutter scamper off to play in back of the storage room filled with retired arcade games… In the midst and excitement of fun and games, they come face to face with a giant Goliath, the EXTERMINATOR! Squiggz, our pint-sized hero, runs for help from Grandpa Lou who ends up telling them the “giant-sized” story of David and Goliath. Brave and undersized, Squiggz is inspired to take on the giant bug killer and save the day for his pals.
Reminiscing between Grandpa Lou’s Bible story and the roaches’ current dilemma the story comes to a thrilling climax while trapped inside the baseball arcade game. Squiggz bats fastball after fastball as the exterminator pounds the pitching buttons on the old game until Squiggz knocks a grand slam right into the giant’s head, leaving him dazed and confused.
Creator and director Bruce Barry commented, “In this adventure I was able to bring in a lot of fond memories of my childhood, playing arcade games and baseball. The setting of the story allowed us to be real creative and show children the fun wacky side of our little guys.”
The collaboration of Wacky World Studios and Wet Cement Productions on The Roach Approach DVD series will continue production on new and exciting adventures that could make these roaches the most popular bugs in the world!
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