Vote Life this Election Day!

While there are many important reasons to vote tomorrow, here is why you should Vote Life on Election Day, courtesy of Focus on the Family

Election Day is tomorrow! Have you already voted? If not, are you ready to cast your ballot by the time the polls close in your town?

Millions of Americans have already had their say. And tens of millions will make their choices tomorrow. Turnout is projected to be large, so vote early. Make sure your voice is heard!

Vote Life this Election Day

You know that the sanctity of human life is at stake in many national races and in smaller contests where you live.

Together, we have seen how abortion tragically ends the lives of innocent preborn babies and inflicts pain and anguish in the hearts of women and men.

This devastation must stop. We cannot be silent.

We must put our values into action and VOTE LIFE!

That’s why Focus on the Family, through The Daily Citizen™, has assembled pro-life resources to keep you informed and equipped as Election Day approaches:

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We encourage you to use these resources to inspire and persuade others within your personal network and on your social media.

Finally, will you join us in praying for our nation and the men and women on the ballot? Election seasons are always contentious, but our God is sovereign! Let’s trust Him to guide us tomorrow and in the days to come.

May God bless you and your family,

Focus on the Family

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