Vicky Beeching:


C.W. Ross
Apr 26, 2006

Let me start off by talking about the artwork found on this CD's front and
back covers. It perfectly matches the musical styles that you'll find on this
release. On the front cover is a demur, introspective looking Vicky while on the back cover you'll find her rocking it out in a, 'Rocker Chic' pose.

That's exactly the musical blend of upbeat rocking songs mixed with more
melodic ones that you'll find on this release.

Whether fast or slow the songs are all about the unbridled worshiping of God.
Vicky's love of the Lord really shines brightly in each song.

Whether rocking it out like in the first song title track, "Yesterday, Today &
Forever" or in the piano ballad, "Captivated" Vicky's vocal talents reach out
and grab hold of your attention with their high level of quality.

If you haven't had the pleasure yet of hearing her music I recommend that
you don't miss out on the chance to hear this great CD.

C.W. Ross is a freelance writer who enjoys listening to and writing about
Christian Music. You can contact him at-

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