Veteran’s Day



Today we honor those brave men, who have risked their lives to keep us free.
This is something you can’t put a price on; it’s something they gave to you and me.
How much is one day of freedom worth? Ask someone who doesn’t have it now.
Ask them if they would trade you places? They’d say, “Just tell me how!”
We take all these rights and freedoms for granted, like they are owed to us, you see.
What we don’t know is, we are the only place in the world, that really is this free.
But the sad part is, the part that very few of us know, or seldom ever get to see,
for us to have these rights and freedoms, there’s a price that’s paid for you and me.
There are hospitals across the nation, full of young warriors who paid our dues,
some are hobbling around on crutches or prosthetics, adjusting their lives, to use.
Others weren’t quite so lucky, they came home in flag draped coffins to a final rest,
you may find them in every cemetery all across this great land, from east to west.
But one thing that I haven’t heard is these brave men complaining of their plight.
For our country to stay free, and to keep what we have, they knew they had to fight.
So I take my hat off, and raise a flag, to honor every veteran who has ever served,
I thank the Lord that He gave us these brave men, and pray for their just deserts.

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