VeggieTales’ 25th Episode ‘Duke and the Great Pie War’

Big Idea treats Veggies like royalty in the 25th VeggieTales release Duke and the Great Pie War, a lesson in true love based on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. The episode bows March 5 and 8 in the CBA and general markets respectively.
A Synopsis
When the armies of Rhubarb go to battle against the Kingdom of Scone, the Great Pie War breaks out and things get really messy!  Sweet Petunia, a charming young rhubarb and newest VeggieTales character, is forced to flee her homeland to protect her mother-in-law, Nona (Madame Blueberry).  When the Duke (Larry the Cucumber), learns of the Princess’s plight, he risks his life to help her and learns that true love means thinking of others first.
Supporting the release of Duke and the Great Pie War, Big Idea is exclusively inviting CBA retailers to treat their customers like royalty with a VeggieTales Spectacular Premiere. VeggieTales Spectaculars are events held on a single day in movie theatres, churches and stores nationwide.  Duke and the Great Pie War premieres will be held March 5, 2005, and are designed to increase the sales of VeggieTales products, introduce more families to the VeggieTales brand, increase in-store traffic and create customer loyalty to CBA retail.
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