Vacationing in Southern California

There’s no place quite like California. Imagine it – a
beautiful place filled with beautiful people. Southern
California is the land of sun and surf. Southern California
does have a winter season, with slightly cooler
temperatures, but even then the weather is wonderful year
round. Plus, California has the advantage of not having
hurricane season – there won’t be any storms to interfere
with vacation plans. There is something for every member of
the family to be found in Southern California.


Of course Disneyland is the most popular destination for
both kids and adults. It resides in Anaheim and you don’t
want to miss it if you’re anywhere near. In fact there is so
much to see and do that you want to allow as many days as
possible. Many of the hotels are within walking distance.
This will make it easy for you to take a break from the
rides and go back to your hotel for a swim and maybe a short
nap. During peak seasons, Disneyland is packed. If you are
visiting during one of these times be prepared for long
lines, both to get into the park and to experience the
rides. There are rides for adults and children alike. If you
have children, be sure to take pictures of them with the
Disneyland characters. They wander the park daily and
interact with visitors.
If the Disneyland rides are a little too tame for you, Six
Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles may be the place to go.
This mega-amusement park is filled with rides that will get
your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. Six Flags
Magic Mountain offers some of the most thrilling rides in
North America. The highlight is the huge variety of roller
coasters this park offers. These coasters are not for the
faint of heart. Six Flags Magic Mountain boasts some of
the fastest, highest, and most innovative coasters around.
As with Disneyland, during the peak season line-ups can be
very long, be sure to go early and on a weekday if you can.
No trip to Southern California would be complete without a
visit to the beach. Even in hot weather, there is a cool
breeze floating in off the oceans. Sometimes this balmy
breeze can be a little deceptive – the sun is still very
intense and it’s not uncommon for tourists to suffer from
terrible sun burns. Always wear sun block for protection.
The most beautiful beaches are in Malibu and Santa Monica.
Santa Monica is an incredible place to pass some time.
Pacific Palisades Park offers visitors a beautiful view of
trees and cliffs overlooking the ocean. If you’d prefer to
shop, head up to the Promenade for some high-end and funky
shopping. California beaches are usually clean and well-
kept. Parking is hard to come by, so sure to head there
Southern California is a sun-lover~s paradise and fun for
the whole family. There are so many things to do and sites
to see, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time.
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the #1 source on the internet for information aboutCalifornia.

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