Upon A Lonely Tree

The sound of crying fills my ears
I strain to listen, try to hear.
The sound I hear is a mother crying,
While her son was dying,
Upon a lonely tree.
He died for you and me you see,
He died to set us free.
So the lost could find their way again.
So the bound could break their chains of sin,
As his hands were pierced, they mourned.
On his head was a crown of thorns.
His back was bloody, bruised, and torn.
39 lashes did he receive,
But only once did he grieve.
His last words that day nailed to a tree;
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
God gave up his only son you see,
He did it to save you and me.
3 days later he rose again,
People laughed and danced,
Amid tears that ran anew again.
But it was not to be you see,
But it was not to be.
Cause God called his son home,
Just as he will for you and me.
So read the red letters and you will see,
Why he died at 33,
Upon a lonely tree
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