Until My Heart Caves In Audio Adrenaline

Until My Heart Caves In In is the latest offering from veteran rock band Audio Adrenaline. Following in the vein of classic AudioA efforts, such as Underdog and Bloom, the eleven tracks featured on Until showcase much more of a raw, rock sound. It’s this sound that adds to the disc, giving the tracks much more of a “live” feel. This should translate into some amazing live performances on their upcoming tour. Fans will notice a few other changes with the new record, the most notable being the increased vocal chores handled by guitarist Tyler Burkum.
The disc contains many great tracks, of which Stuart makes his mark on a few of them, including the rousing and highly enthusiastic opener “Clap Your Hands” and the disc’s power rock title track. “Until My Heart Caves In” is about living for God until your body collapses. It’s about never giving up, even when you feel like it. Another noteworthy performance by Stuart comes on the disc’s melodious first single “King.” Of the tracks featuring Burkum, the highlights include the powerful anthem of redemption “Starting Over” (sure to become a radio hit a la “Ocean Floor”), and the bold and challenging “Are You Ready For Love.” The latter-mentioned track has almost a Switchfoot-esque feel to it musically, which just adds to the intensity of the song’s impact.
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Definitely showcasing why the band has been a prominent force in Christian music for the past fourteen years, Until My Heart Caves In is a solid effort from start to finish. While some longtime AudioA fans may miss hearing Stuart’s vocals on a majority of the tracks, Burkum handles the duties in an exemplary fashion. While a must for AudioA fans, the disc also makes a worthy addition to the general listener’s collection as well.
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