Unbelievable? Examines the Asbury Revival

~ Unbelievable? Podcast Examines the Asbury Revival This Week ~

A panel of experts will discuss the Asbury revival this week on Unbelievable? Host Justin Brierley is joined by guests as he asks: What are the true marks of revival? What are the blessings and concerns that accompany this student-led awakening?

Timothy Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary shares what has been happening on campus. Author and podcaster Alisa Childers voices her thoughts and concerns about the revival, and pastor and author Gavin Ortlund shares his thoughts on the awakening, and how it maps onto historic moves of God.

The revival at Asbury broke out on February 8 and was still going strong through February 24 when the school decided to bring it to a close. Now revivals are taking place at other campuses across the US.

Catch the podcast about the Asbury revival here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk3EE3wxO0c&t=1466s 

Photo by Doug and Dabney Mann

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