Two Or More at Brian Mason’s 21st Anniversary

Kicking off GMA Week at Brian Mason’s 21st anniversary celebration were Walter, Renatto, and Eddie Aguas who make up the group Two Or More. This was my first time to meet the talented trio and hear them perform. These are busy brothers who always try to make time to appear on Brian’s Show, according to Brian.
Louie Weaver (Petra’s drummer) decided to lend a hand (and a salt shaker) to their music at Gary Chapman’s Tejas Studios for the program.

Playing the percussion instrument to accompany Phil Keaggy is Walter. We don’t know what it is Walter is playing, but to quote Brian Mason, “It sure ain’t bongos!”
When Brian introduced the guys and their family on the air during the program, as soon as he said their name, Gary Chapman quipped, “To answer your question,’ Two or More?’, it’s definitely more!”
The Aguas brothers started to gain some momentum on their previous two projects, but have not released
any new work in the past two years. They have been in their home studio
getting back in touch with their Latin roots and creating “some really
smoking new songs,” according to their manager Elliott Wood. “We’ve been working hard on regrouping and rediscovering
the talent that these guys have. Part of the plan is a name change to
Aguas,” says Wood. The band is currently looking for a new label and producer – in essence, starting over. The guys will be on Brian Mason on May 20 and are planning a showcase soon as well.


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