Tunnel Praise Vision

It is a few weeks into the New Year, have you already been knocked back a few steps? Often after new beginnings, satan is there to attack and plunder. This is when we need remember that God’s mercies are new every morning. So, we should not give up but get up!
As we stand back up and put on the armor of God (Eph 6), we need to praise Him! Train yourself to have “Tunnel Praise Vision” when problems come! Keep your eyes fixed on Christ and not the problem! As the waves crash and the winds blow, keep your view of Jesus first and block everything else out! Peter was an example of what happens when trust is transferred from Christ to ourselves. Many times the physical things and weight of the this world’s problems overwhelm, beat down and defeat us before we give God a chance!
Try this approach, when the difficulties come …PRAISE HIM! By doing this, you are acknowledging that trouble is here but, God is sovereign and more than enough!
His hand is on you and never far from you. When you take your eyes off of your trouble you can focus on the eternal, by stepping back and soaking up the ‘big picture.’ You are saying I have no idea where this all fits but God is truly awesome and in control! Just with your salvation alone, you are blessed, because you have a home forever in heaven! The God of the universe loves you so much that He gave His Son for you! Never let that light of that truth dim with time! Remind yourself daily how amazing that privilege is!
The weight of your trouble will begin to fade from sight when you focus on God and praise Him! This will always give you new perspective and strength. A perfect Psalm for this very occasion is found in I Chronicles 16:7-36. In this Psalm, David marvels at how God always takes care of His people and keeps His covenant with them, while at the same time describing the majesty and splendor of God! And with supreme eloquence, David gives one of the best examples of how to praise the Name of God and give Him glory!! This scripture can help you take your eyes off any problem and put them on your mighty God.
After reading this you will be reminded of how BIG your God is compared to anything else! His majesty and intense love and care for you will calm your worry and fears. Praise is the best medicine for the anxiety that comes upon you when you walk through the valleys of life!


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