Treasure Hunting Fun

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While we vacationed at Alton Bay, N.H. we had a birthday party for my nephew and included a
treasure hunt that led him, along with his two brothers, friends and his dad
throughout the campground. I had purchased a small wooden chest at a yard
sale to use for the treasure box; you could use a shoebox. I filled the box
with candy coins, rubber spiders and bugs, arrowhead type rocks, marbles of
all types, gum, and real money so that they could play miniature golf and
buy ice cream cones.

Earlier in the day I walked paths at the campground and left messages
in areas where they could find them; taped under a picnic table, buried in
the sand etc. Your clues should be age appropriate of course.

Our treasure map instructed the children to take 100 paces from the cottage
to a certain point where they found their first clue. They followed
directions to the beach where the next clue was buried in the sand on the
south side of a large tree. This clue led them to a path where they again
paced their steps to find the next clue hidden behind a stump. After many
clues the boys ended up in the campground park where the treasure had been
hidden in the sandbox.

An adult walked with them on the treasure hunt while I hurried to the
finish where I hid the treasure chest in the sandbox. You could hide the box
at your own campsite and have the final clue lead you back home.

The adventure was fun for everyone and the surprises at the end added to the

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